Carlo Speranza


09.16 –

This artist has repeatedly attracted attention with his ambivalent relationship to the art world and with his distinctive activities. For example, he bricked up the entrance door to his exhibition at the Bressanone City Gallery and thus made the gallery disappear. 

His works are always about the artist’s relationship with the world, especially the art world. In his first solo exhibition at the Alessandro Casciaro Gallery in Bolzano, he will be showing a series of new works in which the artist addresses expectations in the art world as well as the nature of reality in the art world. This is a theme that has already appeared repeatedly in the artist’s earlier works and which runs like a thread through his indeed astonishing output. Carlo Speranza gives his all when he works. He locks himself up in his studio and for months works like one possessed on the realisation of his ideas. Hardly anyone gets to see his work during this time and only when he feels ready does he come out of his self-imposed isolation with his amazing works, all made by his own hands. Carlo Speranza sees the world as a testing ground. Time and again he tries to sound out where he stands, but also where he wants to be. He does not allow himself to be pigeonholed, but reinvents himself again and again. Sometimes he is a sailor, sometimes a hang-glider, then again a musician, or even an archer. When asked what art is, he once replied: a series of complicated decisions that lead to a series of even more difficult, often funny situations. And that is exactly what his works are: complex, surprising in their realisation and always with a dash of irony. Carlo Speranza has a great narrative gift in his works; they tell stories about life as an artist, always examining the truth of things. In the process, some unexpected changes of direction occur.

Christian Schwienbacher

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