Karl Plattner Archive

The Karl Plattner Archive is an association that came into being at the instigation of Anna Silvia and Patrizia Plattner, the artist’s daughters and heirs, and the former gallery owners Ivana and Ennio Casciaro, who enjoyed a lasting and deep friendship with Karl Plattner.​

The purpose of the archive is to promote the study, protection and appreciation of the work of Karl Plattner. The primary goal is the compilation of a catalogue raisonné of his entire artistic legacy, which spans a period of approximately 40 years. The task of the archive will be to preserve the entire oeuvre of the artist as well as his own personal archives and to reorganise the documents and records he produced. The archive will contain a register of all the works attributable to Karl Plattner and issue a proper archival certificate for them. At the same time, it will prepare expert opinions and document all material on forgeries and counterfeits of all kinds.

Another task of the archive is the promotion of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and events that focus on Karl Plattner’s work and the dissemination of his work among those involved in the art world, art critics and art lovers.

​The Karl Plattner Archive is a not-for-profit association and is officially registered in the Italian National Register of the Non-Profit Sector.

President: Anna Silvia Plattner
Vice-President: Ennio Casciaro
Secretary: Alessandro Casciaro


Website Karl Plattner Archivio

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