Alessandro Casciaro Venice

From April 2024 Galleria Alessandro Casciaro and Ncontemporary open a new exhibition space in Venice, in Fondamenta S. Giacomo 199, next to the Basilica del Santissimo Redentore. The new gallery is located on the Giudecca canal, looking towards San Marco and Punta della Dogana.

The Giudecca space is an addittion to the existing location of each of the two galleries in Bolzano and Milan, to give further continuity and depth to the artistic programs of both. In Fondamenta S. Giacomo 199 Ncontemporary and the Alessandro Casciaro Gallery share the space, alternating exhibitions, to create a new meeting place for collectors, artists and art professionals.
Together we thought about evaluating whether it was possible to launch a new space in Venice, a city in constant change. Although the Biennale continues to have a decisive influence on the art world, Venice also has a profoundly local character. We felt it was important to support the moment of artistic awakening that the city is currently experiencing, with a space that is at the same time interested in the global and local aspect of the Laguna. 
The management of the Venetian gallery will be entrusted to Valeria Conti.


Alessandro Casciaro Venice
Fondamenta San Giacomo 199, Giudecca 

Wed - Sat 11:00 PM - 6:00 PM


How to reach us


Piazzale Roma (Ferry station "P. Roma E"): Ferryboat Line 4.1 – Ferry station "Redentore"

Train Station (Ferry station "Ferrovia C"): Ferryboat Line 4.1 – Ferry station "Redentore"

Tronchetto: Ferryboat Line 2 – Ferry Station "Redentore"

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