Santiago Reyes Villaveces

Solo Show

09.14 –

The Alessandro Casciaro Gallery is delighted to host the first solo exhibition by Santiago Reyes Villaveces (born in Bogotà, Colombia in 1986), a result of a collaboration with ACADEMIAE, Youth Art Biennial curated by Christiane Rekade and Francesca Boenzi. The Biennale took place in summer 2016 in Fortezza, where 33 young artists from European academies of art had the opportunity to exhibit their work.

In this context, the gallery Alessandro Casciaro together with the gallery Doris Ghetta from Ortisei and Boccanera from Trento, have each selected one artist to whom they dedicate a solo show. The three exhibitions will be presented simultaneously, to form a sort of diffused and coordinated event along the Trentino-Alto Adige territory, named “Ae_selection”. The exhibition is composed of a series of recent works, which embodies the artist’s reflection on the exhibition space, on his balance, his strengths and weak spots. Part of these works are unpublished and realised during his summer residency in Bolzano. Simultaneously-, outside the gallery’s space, along the wall of the Cappucini parc, Santiago Reyes Villaveces presents an installation which triggers a reflection on the physical and political tensions in Bolzano’s urban context.

My practice follows a material investigation on structures, assemblages, and dynamics that evidence states of transitivity and precariousness. The works comprise installations, sculptures, drawings, and photography that address different relations of temporal indetermination. They transform, determine modify, and interfere with the space in which they operate; affecting the way in which the spectator occupies and perceives physical space. The different materials I use in my work are characterized by notions of: tension, scale, volume, weight, gravity, surface, pressure, contention, resistance, depth and limit. Such notions configure systems that produce new relationships between spaces, architectures and the bodies of the spectators. My work explore a latent architectural sensibility that is evident in precarious structures, mostly visible in- but not limited to- everyday urban detritus, overlooked by products of construction, and improvised temporary structures, underscoring a latent sophistication in anonymous ways of doing.

Santiago Reyes Villaveces

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