Arnold Mario Dall'O

Pictures of Unknowns and Other Stories

09.12 –

The motifs on which the cycle Pictures Of Unknowns And Other Stories is based, is a collection of pictures which have somehow or other, by highly varied and mostly unfathomable means, found their place and their continued existence in the artist’s collection of postcards.

These consist of photographic representations of people wearing traditional costumes and whose posture testifies to pride and dignity. The photos go back to the time between the 20s and the 40s of the previous century.
By transferring these subjects by hand onto an aluminium plate, point by point and with the patience of a saint, the artist adds a personal dimension, thanks to his sharp-eyed analysis, his selection and framing of the subjects which were originally captured in the recognisable dimension of a genre (namely that of portraiture) and thereby frees them up to enter the dimension of universal reflection. In line with the theoretical and aesthetic quest of those who defend memory as the means by which the individual structures identity, A. M. Dall’O has performed an ethical task, whose goal is to defend memory and above all the persuasively concise nature of each of these images against the ubiquitous invasion of those media icons, devoid of all meaning, which daily confront our senses.

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