Giovanni Castell

Im Jetzt

03.01 –

Giovanni Castell presents the new serie “im Jetzt” in a solo show.

For years now this German artist has been continuing his quest to combine complex digital manipulations of photography with architectural elements or virtual spaces. 

He does not seek to reproduce reality, as is the case with photography, but rather to create a new reality, an individual place or a landscape, with the aid of an obvious technique distinctly reminiscent of painting.
If his previous works were characterised by strong objective and narrative elements, his new cycle is almost introspective.
The references he makes to other artistic movements (the way he draws on the iconography and the colouring of American abstract expressionism is undeniable) highlight the close relationship which the artist perceives between the product of his own imagination and reality as he experiences it, and the heritage left to us by the masters of classical painting.
It represents a form of veneration, whilst simultaneously regenerating and reactivating his work. Castell draws inspiration and creative impulses from moments of peace and contemplation. According to the artist, this is rather like dreaming. Much is stored in our subconscious mind and can be conjured up in moments of peace and quiet.
The pictures created in this way refer less to actual events or definite stories, but rather portray an underlying mood, the inner feelings and sentiments of the artist, although they are also to do with allegorical symbols and collective thoughts. Motifs and images from different worlds and times, fragmentary traces from the past, the present and a projected future, are grouped together and give rise to a plethora of interpretations and associations.

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