Pedro Cano


10.18 –

The Alessandro Casciaro Art Gallery is delighted to present in the gallery’s project room a new cycle of watercolours by Pedro Cano, to coincide with the Domenico Grenci exhibition. The artist, born in 1944 in Blanca (Spain) has been exhibiting with us on several occasions since the early 1970s when we were still in the historic Gallery Goethe.

The exhibition entitled ‘Flores’ consists of a series of 28 small-scale works, all dedicated to the theme of flowers: roses, irises, freesias and hyacinths.
Pedro Cano’s frequent trips have taken him to many countries around the Mediterranean, the Orient and the United States and he never travels without a thick-leaved sketchbook and water paints so that he can capture pictures and emotions that he encounters on his journeys. Cano’s delicate, yet at the same time striking watercolours contain no uncertainties, they have not been burdened with the addition of varnishes or shadows in the studio and thus depict the very essence of nature and its poetry in a floating, almost dreamlike atmosphere.
For Cano, the paper he works on is not just the indispensable support for his creative process, but is rather a constituent part of it. No sheet is like any other, just as all the flowers he paints are in reality all very different from one another. The way he uses his material reflects the random character of nature and the artist reserves the right to select his subjects and the sheets on which they are represented entirely according to his feelings at any given moment.
His works reflect his desire to communicate his own sentiments through his art, devoid of time references, an art form which is defined through light and shade, cross-fading and mirror effects. It demonstrates his ability to capture tiny variations in nature as well as everyday objects that dominate our lives in their sheer physicality.

On the occasion of this exhibition we will be presenting a catalogue which includes some reflections from Brunamaria Dal Lago Veneri.

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