Margareth Dorigatti


03.22 –

Two years after his last solo show with the Gallery, Margareth Dorigatti returns with the new cycle of works DEI-Colori-Giorni which deals with the planets and their numerous analogies with gods and myths, with days and colours or indeed the metals with which each planet is associated.

“In her artistic career where she was predominantly working with figurative representations, with serial explorations concentrating in each case on specific subjects and differing areas (from stage design to large scale murals, from photography to music and literature), Margareth has now, using the theme of the planets, found a natural sequel to her moon theme, as it were, and has moved to a more abstract form of expression which she is nevertheless constantly questioning with her innate care and thoroughness, all this resulting from a long and rigorous process of investigation and refinement. 

For every planet, every deity, yes, even for every colour, one might say, we have something akin to a portrait which Margareth has invested with her own perception of it and where she has intensified her own relationship with it, revealing to us and to herself the key to its interpretation which is so essential to its understanding. Thus in one narrative which is never banal, we are shown the absolute strength of Mars, the seductive beauty of Venus, the conflictual complexity of Saturn, the mysterious clemency of the Moon or the divine superiority of Jupiter, and all this is done using colours and shapes which characterise each one of them: additional and analogue attributes which imbue the painting with tension and extraordinary energy, whilst at the same time bestowing on it, as if by magic, a faint ironic value which always allows the interplay to be shrewd and intelligent.” ¹

¹ Flavia Pesci, Un altrove interiore, 2018

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