Group Show


06.09 –

Group exhibition with works by:

Francesco Bocchini, Gotthard Bonell, Robert Bosisio, Pedro Cano, Sandro Chia, Arnold Mario Dall’O, Fortunato Depero, Albin Egger-Lienz, Andrea Facco, Hundertwasser, Hubert Kostner, Rolf Koppel, Milan Kunc, Salvatore Mammoliti, Sissa Micheli, Karl Plattner, Gianluigi Rocca, L.A. Schwazer, Gino Severini, Daryush Shokof, Vojislav Stanic, Alberto Sughi, Wainer Vaccari, Markus Vallazza, Paolo Vallorz, Vanni Viviani

The art gallery Alessandro Casciaro is looking forward to stimulate the intellectual appetite with the group exhibition Convivium. Dealing with the topic of dining and socializing the original choice of works represent either historic artists, such as Albin Egger Lienz, F. Hundertwasser, Gino Severini, Fortunato Depero, Karl Plattner, but also contemporary ones, as for instance Gotthard Bonell, Sandro Chia, Hubert Kostner, Wainer Vaccari.

In regards to the multifarious facets between art and food, the gastronomic traditions of Italy and the topic of the EXPO Milano 2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life the exhibition Convivium demonstrates the artists’ enthusiasm to present objects and places on the subject food, as well as the resulting correlations created.
Beneath representations of fruit, vegetables, sweets and other dishes, there will be artworks in which situations and cultural factors are displayed. Place and space in which food is served are in particular connection within the realms of private areas, like in the works Mahlzeit of Albin Egger Lienz or Picnic of Karl Plattner, but also within public situations like in the work Al banco del bar of Alberto Sughi.

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