Graphics/Massimo Campigli

Massimo Campigli

Berlin, 1895 - St-Tropez, 1971


Max Ihlenfeldt, alias Massimo Campigli, began his career as a journalist for Corriere della Sera in Milan, where he frequented the Futurist milieu of Boccioni and Carrà. He signed his Futurist articles under the pseudonym Massimo Campigli. After the war he went to Paris, where in 1919 he began to paint as a self-taught artist. Thanks to his talent he was immediately successful and from 1927 he devoted himself solely to painting. He formed the group Italiens de Paris, with De Chirico, Tozzi, Severini and others, together until 1932. He was very impressed by Etruscan art during a visit to the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome, so much so that he brought his painting technique closer to that of fresco painting, preferring geometric figures in his subjects. The female figure is however characteristic of Campigli's works.

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