Contemporary/Pedro Cano


Thick, soft and hand-hammered paper sheets, which share nothing with the industrial ones, cold and perfectly cut. 

In their uneven borders lives the manuality of the artist, starting from the moment in which they patiently wait colours to give life to their whiteness. For Pedro, paper is not just a mean to the creation, it is rather itself part of the creation. No paper sheet is similar to another one, as none of the pomegranate he paints has an identical twin. The randomness of the material goes together with nature's randomness. And the artist keep to himself the right to choose subjects and paper sheets to paint, boosted by his feelings. From his timeless art, made of lights and shadows, fades and reflections, shines through his desire of communicating his feelings and his well known ability to capture nature’s nuances and physicality of everyday life.



Pedro Cano was born in 1944 in Blanca (Murcia). In 1965 he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. He was awarded the ‘Premio Roma’, and moved to Italy in 1969 where he lived between  Rome and Anguillara. In the 1980s he spent five years in the East Village, New York City. Apart from painting, he devoted a good part of his time to one of his consummate passions: frequent travels around the Mediterranean. He was Blanca’s favourite son as well as honorary citizen of Anguillara, and the Spanish King Juan Carlos bestowed on him the “Encomienda de Isabel La Catolica”. In 2005, the University Alfonso X El Sabio in Murcia awarded him an honorary doctorate. He lives and works in Blanca and Rome.



Some exhibitions:

Museum of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, Murcia (E)
Casa de la Panadería, Madrid (E)

Keyhole Art Fair (virtual), Murcia (E)

Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, Fabriano (I)
Sala Veronicas, Murcia (E)
Fondazione Sassi, Matera (I)

Honos Art Gallery, Rome (I)
Naples Airport (I)

Fundación Círculo de Burgos hosts the work “IX Mediterráneos”

PRAC (Piero Renna Arte Contemporanea), Naples (I)
Museo della Carta e della Filigrana, Fabriano (I)
Università Federico II, Palermo (I)
Galleria Elle Arte, Palermo (I)
Alessandro Casciaro art gallery, Bozano (I)

Museo Archeologico, Naples (I)
Casas Consistoriales, Mazarrón (E)
Aula de cultura de Cajamurcia, Águilas (E)
Museo Teatro Romano, Cartagena (E)
Galería CHYS, Murcia (E)
Galería La Aurora, Murcia (E)

Museo Della Cattedrale, Ragusa (I)
Palacio Almudí, Murcia (E)
Sala Belluga, Murcia (E)
Archaeological Museum Thessalonica (GR)

Fondazione Benetton, Treviso (I)
Palazzo Lanfranchi, Matera (I)
Galleria Elle Arte, Palermo (I)

Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)
Museo della Carta, Fabriano (I)
Museo del Teatro Romano, Cartagena (E)
Mercato di Traiano, Rome (I)
Casas Consistoriales, Mazarrón (E)

Galleria Giulia, Rome (I)
Sixty artists celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Benedetto XVI in the church, Sala Nervi, Citta del Vaticano (V)

Opening of the Fundación Pedro Cano, Blanca (E)

Sala de San Esteban, Murcia (E)
Centro del Carmen, Valencia (E)
Galleria Falteri, Florence (I)

Terme di Diocleziano, Rome (I)
Sala delle Armi di Palazzo Vecchio, Florene (I)
Istituto Cervantes, Naples (I)
Galería Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca (E)

Espacio San Antón, Granada (E)
Hospital de San Francisco, Úbeda (E)
Sala Caja Granada, Almería (E)
Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia (E)
Centro Cultural de la Villa de Madrid (E)

Museu Diocesà Pia Almoina, Barcelona (E)
Aer, Patmos (GR)
Castel del Monte, Andria (I)
Arsenale, Venezia (I)
Studio Nuova Figurazione, Ragusa (I)
Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)
Ermita de San Roque (E)
Fuente Álamo de Murcia (E)
Academia de Bellas Artes de Sevilla (E)

Galleria Ceribeli, Bergamo (I)
Palazzo Vecchio, Florence (I)
Sala de Exposiciones de la CAM, Orihuela (E)
Capilla de la Misericordia, Palma de Mallorca (E)
Ses Voltes, Palma de Mallorca (E)
Galería La Aurora, Murcia (E)
Palau Ducal dels Borja, Gandía (E)
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo (E)
Museo de la Catedral de Barcelona (E)
Aer Galery, Patmos (GR)
Studio Elle, Palermo (I)

Raider Galerie, Münich (D)
Las Claras, Murcia (E)
Galleria Falteri, Florence (I)
Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen, Rome (I)
Loggiatto San Bartolomeo, Palermo (I)

Galleria Giulia, Rome (I)
Galleria Ibiscus, Ragusa (I)

Museo de la Ciudad, Valencia (E)
Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)
Fondazione Stelline, Milan (I)
Instituto Cervantes, Milan (I)

Galerie Eicholz, Murnau (D)
Palacio Almudí, Murcia (E)

Museo delle Mura, Rome (I)
Galleria del Leone, Venice (I)
Universidad Politécnica, Cartagena (E)
Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo (I)

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