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Art can function as the shield that mirrors Perseus, who looks, locates and faces the Medusa: if he had looked directly at her, he would have remained petrified.”

Michele Bubacco

"Pictorial Metabolism" is the eccentric lexical invention with which Michele Bubacco defines his conceptual, excessive and radical artistic method. The Venetian painter sees the metaphorical sense of this analogy between painting and the human processes of food intake and digestion in the fact that even painting perceives everything it encounters as something usable, and that it also needs a continuous contribution of visual impressions to maintain but also to develop itself. The painter also continuously expels the products of his unconscious visual fantasy, as well as his traumatic-pulsifying ideas. All this, however, is expressed in the form of a continuous becoming, so that the thought that the artist may have already had concrete at the beginning of his creative work, is sometimes transformed through spontaneous confrontation with obsessive imagery and with the formal self-realisations of the pictorial process, and in the end something unexpected appears where originally you were looking for something else: for Bubacco, then, the process of pictorial invention is comparable to a "trial orchestra", as a free search for possibilities, intuitive improvisation. These aspects also determine the characteristic ductus of Bubacco's painting, which expresses itself in such an intense way and full of expressive energy that it can certainly be defined as the direct descendant of some of the great protagonists of an impetuous, impulsive, ecstatic, dionistic, maniacal and orgiastic pictorial vein. The artist does not only place exponents of recent modernity such as Emilio Vedova, with whom he has a particularly close relationship being also Venetian, or painters such as Chaim Soutine, Oskar Kokoschka, Alberto Giacometti, Maria Lassnig and Arnulf Rainer, but also ancient masters with spectacular brushstrokes, such as the late Titian, Tintoretto or even Goya. Bubacco's painting, however, originates from drawing which, by virtue of its special status, is much more than a preparatory phase for painting within the creative process. In Bubacco's drawings we find sketches of all those elements that we also value in his painting. For Bubacco, drawing is not only a means to record directly the sensations he receives from reality, but it also has in a certain sense the function of seismograph in fixing every minimum relation of his ego. The free, autonomous or even automatic actionism of the hand while drawing, in which the artist expresses the bizarre and whimsical birth of intelligence, thus enters into competition with the regulatory instance, which has its foundation in the rational faculties.

Klaus Wolbert



Michele Bubacco was born in Venice in 1983 where he was able to acquaint himself at first hand with the work of the great masters of Venetian painting of the past, and also the protagonists of the Modern age, both of which significantly shaped his early development as an artist. He has studios on the island of Murano and also in Vienna, the city to which he moved in 2015 and where he has made his home. At present, he divides his time between Vienna and Venice.



Among the main solo shows we remember: 

Nowiseebeesiwon, in collaboration with Ugo Carmeni, Museo di Palazzo Grimani, Venice (I)

Honolulu, Ikona Gallery, Venice (I)

Love Me 2 Times, Song Song, Vienna (A)
Alphabet, Ikona Gallery, Venice (I)
Campo Visivo, Galerie Weihergut, Salzburg (A)

It's Not a Finger, Song Song, Vienna (A)
Isorropia Homegallery, Milan (I)

Brain-tooling, Forte di Monte Ricco, Pieve di Cadore (I)
L’intreccio Arabo-Normanno, Manifesta 12, evento collaterale, Palermo (I)
ANGRY BOYS, Museum Det Ny Kastet, Thisted, (DK)

Michele Bubacco – F**k-simile, Gallery Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)
The Others art fair, Bed and Art project, Torino (I)
Angry boys, Rompone Galerie, Cologna (D)

Your bones, Galerie Rompone, Cologna (D)
Danse Macabre, Michele Bubacco e Monte Coleman, Louis B James Gallery, New York City (USA)
Serenade, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe (USA)

(Un)Real, David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe (USA)
Una possibile sinestesia: l’incontro di musica e pittura – presentazione della serie “Girotondo” e un colloquio tra Michele Bubacco e Luca Mosca, Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, Venice (I)
5 x 5: Other Voices, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Zoya Cherkassky-Nnadi, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Stripped to Tease?, Locomot Contemporary Art, Vienna (A)
Bacan, Markhof 2, Vienna (A)

Bonjour Venezia, Bonjour Vedova, Ikona Gallery, Venice (I)

Whitegray, Litvak Gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Paesaggio italiano, Ventilazione, Vienna (A)
Paint it black on the white night – Wall painting, Ikona Gallery, Venice (I)

Esposizione prima. Ecco i giovanissimi, Villa Brandolini di Solighetto, Treviso (I)


He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including:

Wandering Out Into This Great Unknown, La Cittadella degli Archivi di Milano (I) 

Pittura italiana oggi, Triennale di Milano (I)
Come un'onda, come in volo, Museo Francesco Baracca, Lugo (I)
Affascinante, Museo Civico Luigi Varoli, Cotignola (I)

Croisements, Cité Internationale Des Arts - Montmartre, Paris (F)
Who Killed Bambi, Dolomiti Contemporanee, Casso (I)
Girotondo, Litvak Contemporary, Curated By Hadas Glazer, Tel Aviv (Israel)
L’altra Individualitá, Curated By Domenico Russo, Andrea Tinterri, Luca Zuccala, Milan (I)
360 Special, L.Art Galerie, Salzburg (A)

Bloodline: The Artist's Family, Litvak Contemporary, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Winter Special, L.Art Galerie, Salzburg (A)
Saloon, Gli Occhi Mordenti, Katrin Plavčak, Vienna (A)
L’altra Individualitá, Curated By Domenico Russo, Andrea Tinterri, Luca Zuccala, Milan (I)
Temporary Group Show, Gallery Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)

The Caterpillar And The Butterfly, Group Exhibition, Palazzo Delle Albere, Trento (I)
selvatico [14], Museo Civico San Rocco (I)
Il bruco e la farfalla, Palazzo delle Albere, Trento (I)
ESSERE CORPO, Kunsthalle West Eurocenter Lana (I)
Palermo Stupor Mundi, Strizzi Space, Cologna (D)

Manhood, Litvak contemporary, Tel Aviv (IL)

Horizon, Litvak contemporary, Tel Aviv (IL)
Premio fondazione vaf - Posizioni attuali dell’arte italiana, Chemnitz museum of art, Chemnitz (D)
Un-becoming, Fridman gallery (USA)
Anaconda, Kulturkirche Ost, Cologna (D)
group exhibition at MACRO museum of contemporary art, Rome (I)
Autoselbstfahrer, Rompone Kunstsalon, Cologna (D)

Holiday group show, David Richard gallery, Santa Fe (USA)
Cesare, quand’era Pavese, Rompone Galerie @ Associazione Alessandro Marena, Torino (I)
Cesare quand'era Pavese – hommage a CP, Associazione Alessandro Marena, Torino e Galerie Rompone, Köln (D)

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