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“Dall'O shows how art receives the witness from philosophy in this 21st century, realizing a real strategy that combines theory and practice. His painting escapes disciplinary categories to access the level of discourse and, above all, transforms it into an instrument of conceptual elaboration.

He removes it from the predominance of the diffused image to make it inseparable from the conceptual intention, he renounces a precise center in favor of a sinuous course full of syntactic and mnemonic diversions, always placing language at the top of the creative process. In the pictorial process structured by the artist is inherent and inseparable a metalinguistic reflection, which unfolds in the creative process, questioning itself in its making, the meaning of painting and the role of the artist in today's society. An operation carried out by the artist that transforms a solid ethical principle - existential and expressive work - into a well-organized aesthetic paradigm. In line with the theoretical and aesthetic research of those who defend memory as a structuring element of the identity of the individual (including the historian Hobsbawn with his cry "protest against forgetting") Dall'O carries out an ethical work that aims to defend the memory and especially the significant significance of each image against the pervasive invasion of media icons destitute of meaning, which daily fall under our senses. By taking "pure" images from the media flow, destined to be forgotten by perceptive saturation, he makes the objectivity of photography dialogue with the subjectivity of painting, the recognizability of visual codes and identities, historical and chronicle (clothes ... posture, physiognomy) with the depth of time mise en abyme. The photograph "false at the level of perception, true at the level of time" as Barthes said, is used as a catalyst and palimpsest for its Proustian dimension of feeling for affections and feelings. It is the only instrument capable of "objectively" crystallizing time and delivering it to usable memory, subtracting "moments" from the flow that dissolves everything.”

Alessandro Romanini



Arnold Mario Dall'O was born in 1960 in Bolzano. He studied painting at the Academy of Venice by Emilio Vedova. From 1998 to 2002 he teaches Visual Communication at the faculty of Design in Bolzano. He currently lives and works in Merano (I).



Among the main solo shows we remember:

Transito, duo show with Walter Moroder, Museo Diocesano di Massa (I)

Untitled, Gallery Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)

Mein Handatlas, Landesmuseum Schloss Tirol (I)

Sogno Infinito, Galleria Paolo Maria Deanesi, Trento (I)

Pictures of Unknowns and other Stories, Gallery Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)

The mirror and the cloud, Urs Lühti & Arnold Mario Dall’O, Gallery Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)

Point of view, Gallery Albert Baumgarten, Freiburg (D)
Republic of nowhere, Tublà, Galerie Wolkenstein, Gardena (I)
Mirror, installazione permanente, MART, Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporane di Trento e Rovereto (I)

Circle, Galleria Paolo Maria Deanesi, Trento (I), Merano Arte (I)

2013, Merano Arte (I)

Guest, Upload Gallery, Trento (I)
Cash flow, Raiffeisenkasse, Valle Isarco (I)

Twins, The Apartment Contemporary Art, Napoli (I)
Circusbarock , Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)


Countdown, Museion, Bolzano (I)

Sunshide, Chiesa del Luogo Pio, Livorno (I)
Hellcome&Welcome, Artsinergy, Bologna (I)

Politics, Goethe 2, Bolzano (I)
Western Files, Galleria Paolo Maria Danesi, Rovereto (I)

Sergio Tossi Arte Contemporanea, Firenze (I)
Galleria Paolo Maria Danesi, Rovereto (I)

Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)
Sergio Tossi Arte Contemporanea, Firenze (I)

Transart Festival, Bolzano (I)

Galleria Prisma, Bolzano (I)


He also took part to several group exhibition: 

Metamorphosis, Eck Museum of Art, Brunico (I) 

Natur, Galerie Albert Baumgarten, Freiburg (D)
Frei&Raum, Granaio di Nomi (I)
Dove una volta c'era il mare, CerModern, Ankara (TR)

Der Raum Dazwischen, Städtische Galerie Villa Streccius Landau (D)
Before and after painting, Galleria La Giarina, Verona (I)
cultural centre ZAMEK, Przemyśl (PL) and Südtiroler KulturInstitut (I)

Sichtbar machen - Ein Dialog zwischen Kunst und Kirche, Stadtgalerie Bozen (I)
Global 500, Landesmuseum Schloß Tirol (I)

LOCKOUT, Forte di Fortezza (I)
KUNST KANN, Kunstraum Vaduz (FL)

Musèe National Dolomites, Espace Coutures Saint Gervais, Paris (F)
Guernica, Hofburg Innsbruck (A)
Pittura di guerra, Palazzo Frisacco, Tolmezzo (I)
Portfolio, Sparkasse Collection, Galleria Civica Bolzano (I)

The game, Kunsthalle West Lana (I)
The game, Palazzo Ducale Massa (I)
Revolution of the Image-Urs Luethi+Arnold Mario Dall'O, Palazzo Ducale, Massa (I)

Der Garten, Hofburg, Bressanone (I)

Convivio, Galleria Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (I)
Ten Years, Galleria Paolo Maria Deanesi, Trento (I)

Be my guest, Galleria Civica, Salzburg (A)
News, Sem Art Gallery, Monte Carlo (MC)
Crux, Diözesanmuseum Hofburg, Bressanone (I)

Be my guest, Galleria Civica, Salzburg (A)
New Works, Sem Art Gallery, Monte Carlo (MC)
Crux, Diözesanmuseum Hofburg, Bressanone (I)
Volubilis, Effeartgallery, Milan (I)

The flash of nature, Salone degli incanti, Trieste (I)
Biennale Gherdeina, Ortisei (I)

Down the rabbit hole, Lipanjepuntin Artcontemporanea, Trieste (I)
Graphics from the Museum Collection, Museion, Bolzano (I)

Heidis Shop, Atelier Museion, Bolzano (I)

Summer container, Goethe 2, Bolzano (I)

Ad Arte, MART, Rovereto (I)
La Quadriennale, Galleria D’Arte Contemporanea, Roma (I)
Engelhaftes, Kunsthalle Nordrheinwestfalen (D)

Collaborazioni, Galleria Goethe, Bolzano (I)
Arbeiten auf Papier, Epikur Gallery, Wuppertal (D)
Transportale, Forum Transeuropa, Museumsquartier, Vienna (A)
Opening soon, Goethe 2, Bolzano (I)

Italian Six, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston (US)
Art Drive In, installatione permanente, Terme Merano (I)
Italian Genome, Buia Gallery, New York, (US)
Mutamenti/Mutazioni, Gallery D406, Modena (I)

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