Art Karlsruhe Selections

    05.10 –

    The Alessandro Casciaro art gallery present a dialogue between different and clearly identifiable artistic positions, however, united in the constant research for new expressions forms of the used materials and colors…

    … the German Giovanni Castell with his digital elaborations on acrylic boxes, the Italian Robert Pan with his objects on resin and the South Tyrolean Hubert Kostner with his installation sculptures made of wood and plastic. The Italian artist Salvatore Mammoliti and his hyperrealist painting dialogues with Antonello Viola's delicate monochrome layers on paper. Opposite are mirrored the works of the German Kinki Texas with new works in mixed media on paper with wartime references, flanked by Arnold Mario Dall'O and his meticulous work in oil on offset plate, where the reference this time is to be found within the traditional South Tyrolean images of the first post-war period. Same material, bronze, but a totally different working and reproduction of the human figure in the sculptures of Lois Anvidalfarei and Aron Demetz.

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